We are experts in the Designing & Fabrication of Natural & Engineered Stone and providing an installation service, creating a “One-stop shop" source for your stone needs.

Quality craftsmanship, competitive pricing and on-time scheduling are priority at NOORA BAKHIT JUHANI EST.  We pay close attention, not only to the finest details of your project, but to your schedule and peace of mind. We want you to be confident that your investment is completed the way you want, on time and with the highest quality in the industry.

NOORA BAKHIT JUHANI EST. provides each customer with personalized customer service and guarantees all of our work.  We take pride in our Artistry in fabrication, our reputation and our satisfied customers.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our process, meet our staff and learn how we can assist in making your project a success. Our team of professionals is ready to serve you.


We specialize in Designing, fabrication, and installation of quartz, ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, and engineered stone for:

01. Residential & Commercial

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02. Kitchen and Bath countertops

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03. Swimming Pool Tiling

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04. Laundry Rooms

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05. Bathroom Mirrors

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06. Floors

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07. Outdoor Kitchens

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08. Bathrooms & Washrooms

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What you can expect from us

 Knowledge and Experience
For more then three decades, we have been satisfying our customers with the highest quality of service. Our technicians have the training, education and experience to fully understand the correct procedures to follow, depending on your particular stone or tile. You can trust your investment to Noora Bakhit Juhani Est. of Jeddah KSA.
Respect For Your Property
We recognize your natural stone is a valuable investment, and we are diligent in making sure the right processes and products are used for your particular project. That's why we take the time to be sure it is done right the first time. Rest assured, our technicians treat your property and possessions as if it was their own.
We Deliver What We Promise
Our clients are customers for life because we consistently deliver what we promise.
To be sure the project is finished to your utmost satisfaction, we review the project with you
so we know in advance what you are expecting, whether we are providing Installation, polishing
or restoration services.


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We are experts in natural stone restoration and are your partner in protecting and beautifying your investment.



    Hameeduddin Hyder

    Ceo & Founder

    Mohd Ansari


    Khaja Moin

    Area Manager

    Khaliq Ahmed

    Technician Experts

    FAQ 'S

    01. Do you charge an estimate fee?

    No. There may be an occasion, under special circumstances, that we may ask for this, but  only if we tell you up front.

    02. I have Marble Natural Stone floors in the kitchen. Some vinegar got on the floor and now we have a light spot. I believe that it is the sealer (polyurethane coating?) that got discolored. What is the best way to get rid of these dull spots and bring the normal shine back?

    When acid (vinegar) comes into contact with marble (calcium carbonate), it causes a chemical reaction. The result is called etching. Natural stone sealers penetrate the stone and do not prevent this natural reaction. If you do in fact have a polyurethane coat on top of your stone, then you have a different problem altogether. If the stone is etched, we can refinish it.

    03. My floors had a beautiful shine when new. How can I restore that new shine?

    If your floor is not deeply scratched, surface polishing may bring back an acceptable shine. However, existing scratches may remain. If your floor has worn badly, a complete restoration is warranted. This decision should be made between you and us.

    04. Is there routine, daily or weekly maintenance I should be performing?

    The #1 culprit of damage to floors is dirt, (grit, sand & dust). The best treatment for your floor is a dry, untreated microfiber dust mop or vacuum, used every day when possible. Damp mopping is recommended on a weekly basis and whenever there are visible spills.


    Awesome work, floor looks new again! Guys were great, very knowledgeable...Thank you!
    client 1

    Hameed, Your men are a well run group. They all know their jobs and stay focused. We will certainly use you again when the opportunity presents itself.

    Client 2
    Mr Ansari, I want to tell you what a great job your guys did for me. They were very polite, professional, neat and most importantly skilled in their work. Noora Bakhit Juhani Est. has exceeded all my expectations.
    Client 3
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